About the Pagodas

We are the exclusive supplier to these Asian style Pagodas to the Australian market.  Whether you are building a Chinese, Japanese or Korean garden this Pagoda kit will make your gardens stand out.  The Pagoda structure including the floor are made from long lasting Cedar which has a natural conditioning to withstand termites


When I was building my Chinese garden at home I looked everywhere trying to source a Chinese hut or pergola or Pagoda and it was near impossible to do so.  Sure there were Bali Huts everywhere but I wanted a Chinese garden feel.

On a trip to China about 2 years ago we located these pagodas so I started to import them just for the building and Landscaping trade.  These days we have branched out to selling to DIY.  If you are happy to spend a weekend installing yourself with a mate then this will save you heaps.  This DIY kit has allowed thousands of dollars in savings by doing it this way.

What you are buying is a flat packed DIY kit Chinese pavilion which is made from Cedar and stained in a colour very similar to the pictures in my ad.  You need to install it on a hard surface as this kit does not include fully suspended or supported floor joists.  YES it comes with a floor but it is not a true structural floor. 

If you DIY you could build your own concrete floor or just a frame underneath with footings and so on but it is everyone’s taste how they do it.  With the last one we built we used 200mm thick concrete pavers as the piers and nailed together a sub floor using 150mm x 30mm.

This is not a BALI hut!

Bali huts can range from 4 posts and a roof of grass thatching to solid timber.  The Authentic Chinese Pagoda only comes in a high-end solid timber build where the end product from hand carvings through to the cedar timber gives you a quality look and feel.  We do not compare to Bali Huts

Quality & Finish

The Pagoda is made from raw materials and as such will come with slight imperfections.  This is normal.  Depending on the skill of your installation there may be slight variations you implement to adapt the structure. This pagoda is flat packed and whilst we sell dozens of them each year, the imperfections in the ground you install on and the know-how of the installer is different for each purchase.  If you have never picked up a hammer/drill or did any installing of furniture in the past then this job may not be suitable for you.  Our instructions whilst seem clear to us still may need some free-styling to suit any condition unforeseen in your installation or the manufacturing.

Further Information

Any questions call me on 0414 237 573.  You can pick up from Narangba which is near North Lakes. You can view them installed in Warner.

Chinese Pagoda Delivery Information

We can deliver and it is $140 on the North side and $200 on the South Side and $250 to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.  Obviously pickup is FREE.  You can pick up after-hours or on weekends by appointment.  You will be able to fit all packages in a 8x5 trailer or a little smaller. Bring yourself some tie downs as the packages are all different shapes and sizes.

Melbourne Delivery is $450

Sydney Delivery is $350